Most don’t change banks despite unfair fees

Australians view bank fees as a ‘rip off’ yet only one in ten have closed accounts after incurring charges they deemed unfair.

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Only a minority of people (22.5%) are annoyed with themselves when they incur charges on their credit cards, transaction accounts and home loans.

Most people complain to the relevant organisation when stung with fees outside normal bank fees with 70% giving their financial institution an earful.

Almost one in four complain to friends or family (23.3%) while nearly half demanded a refund (46.6%).

The findings stem from a CoreData survey of 1,366 people on behalf of

Nine out of ten respondents have an average of two credit cards. Half of them usually pay the full amount of their bill.

33.5% of card holders are unsure of fees and charges they might incur due to late payment, yet, 78.7% of them know how many interest free days they have on their card.

Most respondents felt ripped off by their credit card provider, home loan supplier or transaction account institution when they failed to make payments and incurred fees and charges.

43.5% of transaction account holders have been charged overdraft and/or dishonour fees in the last twelve months.

The majority of transaction account holders who have been charged fees and interest feel they were ripped off (86.7%) and many want to close the account.

A further 65.1% wanted to close their account.

More than half of the respondents (54.7%) currently had a home loan.

For those who had been late making a payment the majority felt the fees incurred were unreasonable.

Only with credit cards, were users more likely to see themselves as partially responsible.

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