Female workers still face discrimination

More than half of Australians say female employees are still not treated equally in the workplace – mainly because of the perception they are less capable than males – according to a survey conducted by career networking site LinkMe.

Other reasons sited by the 2700 people surveyed for the enduring lack of equality included the:

  • perception that females will not be in the workplace for as long as men
  • belief that women focus more on family than their job
  • fact that employers don’t want to employ someone who might take maternity leave

Women at the top end of the corporate ladder noticed the lack of equality more than others.

In fact, 68 per cent of those earning over $100,000 said women are still struggling for equality at work, compared to 60 per cent of females earning less than $50,000.

Survey respondents expressed no preference for male or female managers, despite acknowledging that both genders approach the position differently.

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