Small biz owners movtivated by desire for independence

Australian small business owners value their independence, are fairly content and don’t work extreme hours.

Almost three in ten say ‘to be their own boss’ was the prime motivation for starting a business, according to the Sensis Business Index for May. Other key motivators include making money, seeing an opportunity and lifestyle reasons.

A significant proportion say they are happy about their decision to go it alone – almost three in ten say their business has exceeded their original expectations.

The level of satisfaction was most acute in Western Australia (just over four in ten). Only 8 per cent nationally say their expectations have not been met.

They aren’t struggling 24 hours, seven days a week to keep things afloat either. On average, small business owners report working 5.4 days per week – averaging 9.2 hours per day on weekdays and 4.5 hours per day on weekends.

Just over half say they have family members working in their business, with 72 per cent of these in paid positions.

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