2013 ATO tax time targets

The ATO has advised that it is writing to around 218,000 individuals employed as building construction project managers and supervisors, building and construction labourers, and sales and marketing managers about their work-related expenses. It said it has found that individuals in these occupations are at higher risk of making mistakes with their work-related expenses due to the types of deductions they are entitled to claim.

The ATO has also advised that it will be writing to more than 110,000 rental property owners regarding their entitlements and obligations to ensure their 2012-13 tax returns are filled in correctly. To that end, it has provided a guide on costs which can be claimed immediately, and costs that can be claimed over a number of years. In addition, the ATO also provides information on what costs cannot be claimed in relation to a rental property and what taxpayers should do if they have sold a rental property.