Buying a franchise? ACCC has a course for you

Stepping into the small business world is daunting enough. What if you are thinking about buying a franchise?

If this is you, there is a free online “buying a franchise” course sponsored by the ACCC and run by Griffith University which covers some basics, such as (info taken from the course web site):

  • The difference between Annexure 1 and Annexure 2 disclosure; and what should be disclosed and when.
  • Franchise Fees & Royalties: Types of upfront fees; and types of royalties and how they are paid…
  • Understanding bank accreditation of franchise systems.
  • Retail Leasing: Common franchise leasing practices; and negotiating a property lease before buying a franchise. 
  • Franchisor / Franchisee Relationship: Understanding the nature of the relationship
  • Questions to ask Franchisors, Existing Franchisees and Ex-Franchisees

To do the course you fill out a form here, and you get the first part of the course sent to your email address.