Govt not trusted on super

A fear of government tinkering is fueling a huge level of distrust in the superannuation system, with the large majority of Australians distrustful or unsure of whether the Federal Labor Government will leave super alone.

CoreData-brandmanagement’s latest Investor Sentiment Index, which surveyed almost 900 Australians, has shown nearly three in five Australians (59.8%) do not trust the Government to maintain the current legislation around super. A further quarter (23.2%) say they don’t know whether or not they trust the Government to leave super alone.

Adding to this, almost half of Australian investors (49.4%) say that the Government is not providing a climate which is good for investment and one third do not know if this is the case (32.9%). Less than one in five (17.7%) believe the Government is providing a climate which is good for investment.

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