Something bizarre has happened to our site.

Our hosting service’s database server was out of action for a while yesterday. When it came back up, it was if a backup from May 2007 has been restored.

All posts and site changed made from June to Sept were gone.

We had a backup as at the end of September and have successfully restored that except that post-May entries do not have a category attached.

I will endeavour to get things back in order over the weekend.

Govt announces home & small biz computer seucrity funding

Protect confidential information: secure your computer

The federal government has announced a package worth $13.6 million to help protect Australians from sophisticated online attacks targeting their home computers and small businesses.

According to James Cottrill from the Information Technology & Management Centre of Excellence of CPA Australia,

‘This is especially important as many of the newer devices that provide a connection to the internet streamline the process for the non-technically savvy user, by implementing default security settings that are easily circumvented as they are well documented on the internet.’

As part of this program the federal government has introduced the website Stay Smart Online

CPA Australia has credited a comprehensive checklist for small businesses concerned about computer and internet security. Feel free to contact us if you would like a copy.